Custom Creations by Chris

Custom Creations by Chris



Welcome to my Vintage Lamps page.  I love looking for and finding vintage and unusual items that I can turn into interesting lamps.  I love walking through flea markets, going to Goodwill or just hitting the local Hobby Lobby and seeing what I can come up with.  These are some of my creations.

Folding Camera*

This lamp is made using a Vintage Kodak camera that is 100+ years old. Mounted to a hand stained, kiln dried wooden base, the lamp features a pull chain socket and a custom ceramic light pull with a vintage camera on it. The lamp shade is custom made and features vintage cameras. Lamp includes a 4 watt (40 watt equivalent) LED daylight bulb.

Approx: 21.75" H x 6.75" W x 9.5" D

Box Camera*

Image and description coming soon.  Please check back.

Approx: " H x " W x " D

Vintage Rotary Dial Desk Phone

Built using a real Vintage Rotary Dial Desk Phone. this lamp is sure to be a great conversational piece in any home.  The dial still operates normally and is quite satisfying to "dial" and get that nostalgic feeling from the old rotary phone days.  I still remember old phone numbers I used to dial and it brings back a lot of memories dialing them in for fun.

This lamp runs on 12V DC and includes the wall adapter.  There are 2 individual LED light panels (1 in each end of the handset) and each light is controlled individually by pressing down on one of the two hook switch tabs. (see center pic below)  Each tab controls a separate bulb so you can have one light on for dim lighting or both on for full brightness.

Please check out my One Off/Custom page to see an example of the customizability of this lamp. 

Approx: 12" H x 5" W x 9" D

* Items may vary with availability.  Availability will be discussed at time of purchase.

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