Custom Creations by Chris

Custom Creations by Chris


Frequently Asked Questions 

These are questions that I have received from site visitors, customers and potential customers, along with the answers that I have provided to those questions.  

Can you make the Sword Guy with the sword in the other hand?

Yes.  I make the lamps at the time of order and I can reverse a lamp.  For example, I can put the sword in the left hand instead of the right or I can make the bowling guy bowl left handed instead of right handed as pictured.

Can I change out the bulbs?

Yes you can.  I have other bulb options (different colors, different shapes) that we can discuss at time of order or I can sell you a lamp without bulbs and you can install your own once it arrives to you.  All bulbs I use are readily available (e26 standard base or e12 Candleabra base) and can be purchased at any store or on Amazon.

I have an old camera that I want turned into a lamp.  Can you do that for me?

Most certainly.  Just go to my CONTACT ME page and shoot me a message with what you have and what you are wanting.  I will contact you and we can discuss the details.

Can the NFL lamps be made with a different team?

Yes.  As long as I can source the helmet or Football, I can build for any team you want.  As we all know, there are major issues within the supply chain so some teams may not be available but I will make all efforts to obtain the team you want.

I like the boot lamp but am not a fan of the shade.  Can you change it out for something different?

Yes.  I have someone that makes the shades for me.  If you don't like a particular shade, I can send you a link to a page that has thousands of fabric samples and a shade can be special made from the fabric of your choice.  Just message me through my CONTACT ME page and we can discuss any changes you want.

Can I buy a lamp without the bulb?

Yes!  If you don't want the included bulb, I will subtract the cost of the bulb from the sale price and offer you the lamp at that lower price.

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