Custom Creations by Chris

Custom Creations by Chris



A collection of my "steampunk style" black iron pipe lamps.  All of these lamps are built solid using all metal connectors, pipe, fittings and fixtures.  Electrical connections are soldered and shrink tubing is applied to ensure safety and lifelong operation.

Rocket Ship

My Rocket Ship lamp is what started this whole thing. I saw the rocket lamps advertised online and thought "I can do that and do it better." After my first one, I was hooked and started dreaming up more ideas for different lamps.

The rocket is built from a Woods Vandal Resistant Security Light along with 1/2" black iron pipe and fittings. The base is a cast iron replica gear with black rubber feet to avoid scratching your surfaces. The red faucet handle is the on/off switch for the lamp.

Lamp features a 3 watt LED Infinity 3D Fireworks bulb inside the rocket body and has 4 - 1.5 watt Fire Flicker bulbs that make this lamp look like it's blasting off for a cosmic adventure.

Approx: 17" H x 6" W x 13" D


This lamp is super cool and any Minion loving child (or adult) would love having this lamp as a night light or accent light. Lamp is built using a Woods Vandal Resistant Security Light along with 1/2" black iron fittings/connectors.

Fixture has been painted in the traditional Minion yellow and blue colors. Turn the red handle to turn the lamp on/off. Lamp includes a 4 watt Amber LED Edison Bulb that produces a nice warm glow.

Approx: 12" H x 8" W x 6" D

Sword Fighter

The Sword Fighter is one of my most popular lamps and is loved by young and old alike. This guy is ready for combat and has that perfect fighting stance that drives this lamp over the top.

Lamp is built using 1/2" black iron pipe and fittings. This lamp features two different bulbs. The "sword" has a 3 watt LED spiral filament bulb that is 7" long while the "face" has a 1 watt LED spiral filament globe that matches the sword bulb perfectly. Turn the "shield", which is the on/off switch, and this lamp comes to life.

Approx: 17" H x 19" W x 10" D

Guitar Player

A truly unique lamp that any music buff is sure to love. This guy is built to sit on the edge of a table or shelf so that his leg can dangle. Comes with a 7" Mini Acoustic Guitar and Case.

Lamp is made using 1/2" black iron pipe and fittings. Switch is in the hand next to the fretboard. The "head" bulb is a plastic 2 watt Edison Bulb with a string of 20 LED Fairy Lights inside. Lamp produces a very warm glow that would be great for a night light or as an accent light.

Approx: 12" H x 6" W x 6" D

(Leg hangs down 3.5" below surface)

Thinking Guy

Just a simple guy chilling out and contemplating life. This little Thinking Guy lamp is perfect to sit on your desk or bookshelf to give a little ambient light to help set the mood of the room.

Constructed using a cast metal lamp holder and 1/2" black iron pipe and fittings Lamp includes a 1 watt LED bulb that gives off a nice soft glow. I have different color bulbs to choose from and will gather that information when you order.

Approx: 8" H x 5" W x 5" D

Bowling Guy

My Bowling Guy lamp has the perfect action stance and looks like he is getting ready to whiz the ball down the lane and get that strike. This is the perfect lamp for that bowler in your life.

Lamp is made from 1/2" black iron pipe and fittings. Switch is in the leading "hand" and when turned, the lamp lights both bulbs. The "face" bulb is a 1 watt LED spiral muni tube bulb. The "ball" is a 1 watt LED colored transparent 1.5" globe. Lamp gives off the perfect light for an accent lamp.

Approx: 12" H x 7" W x 10" D

Fishing Guy

This Fishing Guy lamp makes the perfect conversation piece for that fisherman that love to tell the tales about the one that got away.Made with 1/2" black iron pipe and fittings, brass fittings and brass rod.

This lamp features a 1 watt LED spiral globe bulb in the "face" and a 0.5 watt LED "Fairy Light" bulb that is dangling from the end of the rod by a piece of decorative 18/2 cloth covered electrical wire.

Approx: 13" H x 6" W x 12" D

Golfing Guy

Hit the greens with this golf inspired lamp that any golf nut is sure to love. Base is a thick basswood tree slice with green felt top and a wooden golf tee.

Lamp is made using 1/2" black iron pipe and connectors, brass fittings and brass tubing. It features a 1 watt LED Spiral Element bulb in the "face" that gives off a warm soft glow that's perfect for an evening accent light.

Approx: 13" H x 12" W x 10" D

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